Making a memorable connection is about sharing the right parts, of the right stories,
with the right audience.

My entire life has been about telling stories.
Whether on stage, or in a conference room, I've spent nearly three decades connecting thoughts, ideas and emotions with audiences of all sizes. As a Creative Director, I've told visual and data stories for Fortune 500 companies. On the theatrical stage, I've performed for thousands on a national tour and composed the score for two produced musicals.



A Moving Tale

Bringing storytelling to life.

What makes a great story? That’s the question we’ll look at each week on, A Moving Tale, where we bring storytelling to life. We’ll hear from some incredible guests and also look at what it takes to shape and deliver your story. You have a great story to tell and someone in the world needs to hear it.

What does it mean to really know and serve your audience? What does it mean to really understand content, story structure, and delivery? How do you manage your emotions, get over the fear of public speaking, and build the confidence to share your voice?


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We've partnered with Trees for the Future and for each podcast episode, we make a donation to plant 100 tress in their forests around the globe - primarily in Africa. Learn more about Outermost Ring's Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's).


Outermost Ring


Can we fix the future by changing the past?

A story of family responsibility, love, and humanity that spans generations.


Meet Kevin

A lifelong creative, I've been telling stories on stage and in the conference room for nearly three decades.  In the business world, I've spent nearly 20 years telling visual stories and bringing data to life.



Storytelling, Branding, & Musicals - Oh My!

The Outermost Ring blog looks at writing and presenting from multiple angles, featuring how-tos, tips and advice for different aspects of storytelling.

How Stories Can Help Your Business

Why It Is Important to Know Your Audience

Have One Idea Per Slide

1-On-1 Strategy Session

This is a one hour, 1-on-1, targeted strategy session to fit your needs. Together, we will explore the areas of your brand story that need the most attention. We can also go into detail on topics including story structures, presentation software, public speaking, and more. This session is right for you if you have already identified some key needs or weaknesses within your personal or business brand and would like expert guidance.


Need help now?
Book a strategy session

Bridge the gap between storytelling and business

You've probably heard people recommend using stories in our business, but what does that mean for YOUR business? How do you go from knowing what you should do, to putting it in place? This is where I can help. Decades of experience identifying and articulating key story elements, coupled with design execution via video, audio, graphics, web, presentations and online.

The communication evolution

Once we understand the foundation of great storytelling, we must successfully communicate with our audience.  Communication platforms started out as cave drawings and heiroglyphics.  They've grown over generations into social audio,  video, augmented and virtual reality, 3D objects and more.

PowerPoint Expertise and Training

I have been designing and creating PowerPoint presentations, reports and deliverables almost daily for 20 years. While I've worked with Google Slides, Keynote and Prezi, when it comes to presenting with data I detail my go-to strategies when designing presentations for Wall Street, Social Media Week, The Market Research Event (TMRE), the American Express Luxury Summit, and more. There are also new features like 3D models and morph transitions that can elevate your presentation to the next level.

"Kevin is a gifted designer and creative leader, with an aptitude for telling great stories with data. Really enjoyed working with him."


Stephan Shakespeare

Chief Executive & Founder, YouGov

"It is a rare gift to work with someone as talented, invested, kind and hard-working as Kevin. I am consistently blown away by his creativity. Anyone lucky enough to work with him will see exactly what I mean!"


Laura Benanti

Tony Award® winning actress


While stories are timeless, the ways in which we tell those stories continues to evolve.  Sign up below to get the latest on my podcast, storytelling tips, training, consulting, and more.