Introduction to A Moving Tale

Season #1

An introduction to the episodes of A Moving Tale.  

What is the Outermost Ring?

It's the question I get most often.  It's the title of a musical I'm writing and it refers to the rings of a tree.  As a tree grows and expands it adds one ring for each year of its life. The Outermost Ring refers to the present, the current time. I like the idea that we are always learning, always growing and taking new shape, while never losing sight of where we’ve been and what’s at our core.


For each podcast episode, the Outermost Ring donates 100 trees to be planed by Trees for the Future. 

For more information on Trees for the Future,

Throughout this podcast we will meet some incredible people, hear their stories, and talk about what makes a great story.  My hope is that you'll also be inspired to share your own story. We’ll talk about the fear of public speaking and ways to overcome those fears. We’ll talk about how once you have the opportunity to speak in front of a crowd, it takes practice to do it well. It’s about delivering the right parts, of the right story, to the right audience.


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