A Moving Tale - Larisa Miller - Episode 104

Season #1

A Moving Tale from Larisa B. Miller
We hear Larisa's story on this episode - her journey from politics in Pennsylvania to advising the royal family in Abu Dhabi. We learn about her work in African refugee camps, her role as CEO of Phoenix Global, and the importance of the UN's Sustainable Development goals. Finally, we talk about the importance of knowing your audience, storytelling in business, and play a little game called Full Out Facts, sponsored by Full Out Creative.

We've also partnered with Trees for the Future and for each episode of A Moving Tale, the Outermost Ring donates 100 trees to be planted in their forests around the world.  Learn more at OutermostRing.com/trees-for-the-future



Recently named:
- TOP 100 PEOPLE IN FINANCE by The Top 100 Magazine
- 100 GLOBAL WOMAN OF EXCELLENCE by Sovereign Magazine
- TOP 10 MOST INFLUENTIAL FRIENDS OF AFRICA by For Business in Africa Magazine
- 2020 PERSONALITY OF THE YEAR by Powerhouse Global Magazine

Phoenix Global is an international boutique consulting and investment firm, with clients in 10+ countries, on five continents. We work with clients – public and private sector, to capitalize on gaps in the market; develop innovative and sustainable business strategies; facilitate market expansion, allowing domestic businesses to enter foreign markets; and, help governments, business and industry to integrate models of sustainability into their growth strategy. Our primary areas of focus are agriculture/agritech, energy and natural resources/sustainability.

As senior VP and principal partner and senior vice president of the Skopje Technology Park (www.stpcapitalpartners.com), founded by a significant group of individuals representing many sectors – finance, intelligence, security, technology/data, education and hospitality, and working in close cooperation with the Office of the Prime Minister of North Macedonia, the STP is a first of its kind technology ecosystem. Modeled off of a live/work/play environment, our technology parks incorporate broad aspects of technology, such as Artificial Intelligence, robotics, cybersecurity, blockchain, e-government, with the heart of the project being our state-of-the-art mega-data centers. Additionally, our parks include an agritech park annex, prioritizing innovations in agritech, allowing us to bolster and enhance the agricultural industries in the regions supported by our technology park.

One of the unique and important features of our technology parks is the close collaboration we have with the main technology university of each country and the satellite campuses we bring from some of the world’s largest technology universities to train and support the most valuable asset of each country, its human capital, as well as to conduct valuable R&D.

As Ambassador to the African Union's 6th State, State of the African Diaspora, I serve as chairwoman for the Committee on Telemedicine, as well as serving on the committees for green entrepreneurship, technology & innovation, and housing.