A Moving Tale - Elaine Powell - Episode 107

Season #1

A Moving Tale from Elaine Powell
On this episode we not only hear Elaine's incredible story, we learn about her passion for helping others raise their voice and know they’ve been seen and heard.  She’s an Award-Winning Professional Speaker, Peak Performance & Storytelling Coach and founder of The MindSpeak Academy.  She’s spoken at over 120 events, trained 30,000 people, and delivered over 600 workshops on the art of peak performance and public speaking.  She has also curated a TEDx event for three years and has worked with everyone from the British Army to the BBC, helping shape the voices and leaders of the next generation. Finally, we play a little game called Full Out Facts, sponsored by Full Out Creative.

We've also partnered with Trees for the Future and for each episode of A Moving Tale, the Outermost Ring donates 100 trees to be planted in their forests around the world.  Learn more at OutermostRing.com/trees-for-the-future