Outermost Ring - the musical

Book, Music, and Lyrics - Kevin Sturmer

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Outermost Ring - The Musical

Can we fix the future by changing the past?

While there is great balance in the universe, so many of life's moments leave us asking why they ever happened at all - why is there disease, hunger, poverty, or war?

Now imagine for a moment that you could go back in time and change the course of history. Would you stop a disease from happening? Would you prevent a war? Or would you bring it to a personal level to save the life of someone you love?

For generations, one family has been tasked with travling through the rings of time to help humanity. There are rules when traveling through time and consequences when those rules are broken. As realities shift, so do the feelings about one family's task to change the world.

The Outermost Ring is a story of family responsibility, love, humanity and dreams. The show is an experinece involving Augmented Reality (AR) for those in the theatre and Virtual Reality (VR) for those streaming live. With three possible outcomes for Act II, you'll want to see it again and again.